Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Traffic Cop Needed

I'm starting the transition from chemo to surgery, which apparently requires endless appointments if you're me.  I need a traffic cop for my cancer calendar. #dodatdance.  Just a few more appointments and I'll know more. Lol.  Even science is consumed with more, more, more!  Or maybe I should say the relationship bw insurance and medicine requires more, more, more.  Our culture is a hot mess.  Nothing left untouched by our relentless desire of "more."  More can be great, more of Christ would be dandy!  Thank you, cancer!

I have my third biopsy scheduled this morning for a new spot on my left breast at 11 o'clock.  But also showing up is a considerable reduction of the original tumor of 6.5 cm, which shrank to about 1 cm. 

My PET scan also came back "clear" with no FDG uptake, which means no visible cancer by means of the glucose injection during the PET.  Cancer feeds on sugar.  Who knew? But how did we not?  PET scans aren't 100% trustworthy, hence the new biopsy order.

The results of today will determine if I am a candidate for a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. 

We'll see what path the Lord chooses! 

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