Thursday, December 17, 2009

Small Faith wins Nobel Peace Prize

Howdily-hodily neighborly-

I wanted to jot down a few things from my devoted time with my Savior, Jesus the Christ, this very night; the primo manager of this here body, soul and spirit.  The freedom I have on this side of whatever happens to us when we "get it" is nothing less everything more than the visible reality we live and breathe.  I am so thankful for the way He speaks to me.  Ok, see I get lost in the love I have for Him and get carried off.

Back to framed thoughts...first of all the account of Saul and David's relationship in 1 Samuel 16 is so lovely.  I had previously heard a friend speak on the notion of an armor-bearer in ancient times and it provoked vivid imagery of the physical and spiritual notion of the position.  So here's the relevance. After God had given the revelation to Samuel "Arise, anoint him (David); for this is the one!," David goes back to being pasture boy.  I wonder how much time passed before David was called back to actually become Saul's armor-bearer?  The neat thing is that he was obviously anointed and aware as it says "the Spirit of the Lord came up on Him."  But he had to return to his position of sheep-herder (which I must admit is on my bucket list) until the time was right.  He had to be faithful in the small things before being entrusted with the greater.

Am I being faithful in what He has called me to do and waiting with eager anticipation?  Or am I only waiting in eager anticipation.  Well, my answer is yes and no.  The list falls heavily to one side in certain areas and vice versa.  But for the those weighing in on the side of "no," well, that list got smaller tonight!  Thanks, God.  You are really cool and I mean that with reverence.

Well done, good and faithful slave!  You were faithful over a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.
Matthew 25:23

"Well, ain't that the truth!" As g-ma always said when something pleasantly shocking showed up on her soul's doorstep.

I'm leaving you with this...Be faithful in the small!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hello family-

November  Yesvember update!

I wanted to update you on our Father's work to redeem His daughters via a network of sisters in Oklahoma- EVE...Eternal Voices Elevated!  Our group defies age, economic status and sounds a lot like Christianity to me; and I am so happy to be a part of it.

We headed out to the clubs on Friday night armed with handmade clutches for each woman from the Hands of Hope ministry at Henderson Hills.  We also included a save-the-date card for an upcoming retreat!

Do you want to know what else???????????????  We were let in to one of the clubs that previously we had not been let into.  They said YES!  That's right...and we prayed for it, too!  Normally, the door guys are very sincere and kind, but take the gifts at the door.  Not this night!! you say, hurray!

We are starting to meet others throughout the outreach, whether it be in the parking lots or the convenient store we stop at to purchase one of the door guys hot chocolate.  I wish you could each have been there to experience what happened that night.  We were in line to purchase the hot chocolate and the Spirit said buy that lady's 2-liter PepsiOk..."let me get that for you, we already have our money out!" 

So out of the store we go and over to the club to unload gifts and go in.  As we are unloading, a voice from behind yelled, "hey!  who are you guys?"  We turned to see that it was "T" from the convenient store.  She had three younger girls in the car with her and once she understood we were Christian, she said, " I don't even believe in God. (pause) Well, I sometimes go to church. (pause- what is happening) I CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO CHURCH THIS WEEKEND! (hugs)"  :)  Email is so flat, but I assure you this was a real live human being having a spiritual awakening of some sort.  She had tears in her eyes and continued to explain that no one has done anything that nice for her since she could remember.  The Spirit had her and it was evident...He can even use a good ol' Pepsi cola!

I want to share the words of Jen, an EVE volunteer.  She had a wonderful experience with one of the dancers that remembered the gift of the journals from last month.

Well, God did it again! He never fails to give us the assurance that
EVE is up to something great! Due to my schedule I have had to miss
the past two outreaches so I was very excited to get back into the
swing of things last night. It was wonderful to be able to once again
give out gifts and hugs to the girls. One of my favorite parts of the
evening was how easily we got into one of the clubs in which we had
never been allowed into. Without missing a beat, our fearless leader
led us into the unknown and with a few missed turns we found the
dressing room to drop off the gifts. After a little over a year, the
doors were opened. Another incredible experience we had was 

visiting with one particular girl about our previous month's gift, which 
was a journal. She was thrilled to be able to tell us what an impact it had
on her! Her face beamed as she spoke about opening up the journal 

to see the verse 1 Peter 5:7, written on the first page. She said it was
EXACTLY what she was needing. But, it didn't just stop there for her.
She continued on to say that she posted on her myspace for all to see
AND she was getting the verse tattooed on her arm for even more to
see. How cool!! What it makes me think about is the fact that a 

tattoo like that could prompt other people to look into the Truth as she 
did; people that might come in contact with her and that we might never 
meet. EVE ministry nights are filled with ministry not only in the clubs, but
even outside. We never know how our lives and words and actions of
love will effect people. My hope is that we could continue the
ministry of loving others wherever we go. We are constant ministers 

of Christ. That's exciting!

Isn't that encouraging!  We can't wait to give out the knitted scarves for December with personalized cards.  Happy Holy days until we meet again...

The motto of the evening...

Have fun

Be Young
Drink Pepsi!


Saturday, November 28, 2009


If you're really wild and crazy...try this on a Friday night!

Since scratch n taste eludes the human...
The popcorn is drizzled with Almond Bark.  Yeah for that.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gone to Carolina...

in my mind.

With a holy host of others standing 'round me
Still I'm on the dark side of the moon ;)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yum x Yum = Yum

Here is what I had for dinner...
a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt;
mixed with feta, tomatoes and avocado!  A girl's got to eat!

And here are my scrumptious $2 earrings.  A girl's got to sparkle, too!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Panther Pride

 My nephew, Jacob, and I at the Pecan Bowl showdown!

My sister and I headed back to the small town of Okemah where we were born (at least me) and raised, along with our two brothers, by our grandmother.  There was a Friday night football game slated and we were once again caught up in the Panther Pride of it all. 

I’m proud to be from a community where everybody knows your name.

I’m proud that simple living is the norm.

I’m proud that love reigns.

I’m proud that Okemah is the home of Woody Guthrie among other amazing humans.

I’m proud there’s a church building on every corner (even though some have church in their homes, instead).

I’m proud that we love those that don’t know Christ the same.

I’m proud there are no generational barriers to speak of.

I’m proud there is no mold to break out of.

I’m proud that it is stranger to have a nice car than a kind heart.

I’m proud the two rich families in town were the “strange” folk.

I’m proud that the poor embraced the rich and vice-versa.

I’m proud that the children of these families were best friends.

I’m proud that football is an excuse to be with our 4000 extended family members.

I’m proud to be a Panther.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Eternal Voices Elevated- Octoberfest!

Last night we reached over 100 women currently working in the sex-industry in OKC.  It was a ball!  This month, the team collected journals from Victory and the women of Henderson Hills.  Many of them were full of scripture and some carried a personal hand-written note.  It turned out to be a very appropriate gift for a few and received with much gratitude by almost all.   Stick with me...

Let me explain the few.  We learned that several women at different clubs are expecting!  Yes, God has chosen to breathe life into these miracles of His glory growing in them and we cannot be more excited to share in this.  The conversation between two of the dancers went like this, “oh wow, this journal will be perfect to document your stages!”  Why yes it will, God, thank you!  Then onto another club where placing the gift gave us those precious moments (ok, that’s funny) needed to interact with another expecting mom.  As we talked about how her month had gone since we had seen her last, she patted her tummy and shared with us her great news!! I skipped across the club…well, not to embarrass the entire body, it was more of a redeeming skiplike-dance, but joy sure made its way out of me.  Oh, the sweet freedom of Christ.  WE, Lord…we get to be a part of this.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

(James) 12Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, 13because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment!

Now for the almost. The onset of the evening granted us with a great statement and opportunity.  So here we are walking into a club on our first year anniversary of this particular establishment and the very first words spoken were, “OH NO (emphasis on the dread), they’re not from a church are they?”  What a bold and completely honest moment she was having.  A magnanimous laugh echoes inside my mind every time the reel plays.  Maybe because I can relate to her in that there was certainly heavenly rain sprinkled on my party-parade once or twice as I tried to run from Him.  Or maybe it’s because she’s had a bad experience with a few well-intentioned Brothers and Sisters.  Or maybe it’s that God has been ripening her on the branch and she’s becoming more and more plump and out rolled the statement!  Maybe He’s teaching her to listen to His voice…the ONLY voice of salvation.  He alone is the one that beckons her and we just showed up with a journal of which others chose to bless us with.  Well, one of our team answered with what I thought was the sweetest most pure answer…”Yes, we go to church, but that’s not why we’re here!”  Oh the LOVE!!  Right before our eyes, God melted a heart.  Thank you, Father.   You are the redeemer and convictor.  And You’re really good at it too!  His turn around time leaves us all in amazement at times, does it not?  Within minutes she was perched right back up on her branch, ready again to trust what she does not fully know.  That is what we call FAITH.  Where does blind faith lead?  I’ll let you answer that.

So here is the finale.  Many women are flirting with the idea, but this very night marked the first time that one of the ladies has gone as far as offering her address to us with a specific time to pick her up for church!!  On the count of three 1.2.3….collective WOOT WOOT!   Since many of you aren’t along on the outreaches, but nonetheless very involved, let me remind that we don’t come in with an agenda and certainly we aren’t asking anyone we meet to let us pick them up for church.  This was personal between her and God.  They came up with this, not us. 

We just love this woman.  Christ is all over her and we learn so much from her.  She even offered to share her food!  She talked about how she just needs to make a decision that “even though she might have to miss work, she will!”  I don’t really know what she’s talking about, maybe women do dance on Sunday mornings while we’re sitting in our pews. Not that pews or chairs or even grass for that matter is not the place we have been called to be as we corporately gather at whatever time that is; but it is just strange to think of the evil world swirling around us while we do.  The accuser of man once said, “the show must go on.” 

Ok, I digress for the sake of this letter not turning into a scroll…I do know this, as she sat there having a conversation with God, He brilliantly painted a picture of His son’s steps on earth for us!  We were silent witnesses as she wrestled with Him.  It was one of the most beautiful things to behold.  As she looked off into space, she spoke about how she cares for her roommate who is wheel-chair bound; she was very detailed and rightly graphic in her description.  She changes his bucket, feeds him, and bathes him all the while listening to others tell her not to be so trusting or loving (as she points to friends and patrons).  Do you see what I see?  She cares for the lowly, gives him a cold drink of water and washes his feet.  She has the heart of God, she just doesn’t quite know from where it came.  It was almost like she was perplexed at why she was so full of love, but rejected nonetheless.  She has a fire and perseverance like Christ and shares in His humility too. 

It is one thing to be an active participant in a conversation here on earth, of which we are called to have, Him having given us mouths and all, but with serious warnings to boot.  It is an entirely different experience to watch Him have a conversation with someone else.  We walked out of the club and said, “Is Jesus not all over her?” And everyone nodded their heads in stunned silence.

(James) 25In the same way, was not even Rahab the prostitute considered righteous for what she did when she gave lodging to the spies and sent them off in a different direction?
The evening in shorthand. 

(Scene 1) OH NO, the church aliens!
(Scene 2) The church aliens are here!

luvluv...the party starts and ends in Christ,
d-lighted to say the least

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I want to go puddle-jumping in Alaska with these on my feet.  Who's in?  Dew draped evergreens, red bark- covered forest floors, Jesus and ME!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ring true, fellow humans?

Here are some lyrics from singer/songwriter Sara Beth Geoghegan's new album.  If you are interested in listening, here is the site where you can do just that.  It's beautiful.

Lord deliver me from me, Lord deliver me to You

Lord deliver me from the desire to noticed, loved, exalted

Lord deliver me from the desire to be favored, popular, chosen or acknowledged

Lord deliver me from the fear of being wrong, forgotten or ignored

Lord deliver me from me, Lord deliver me to You

Grant that I may seek to comfort rather than be comforted by others

Grant that I may understand and love more than be understood and loved well

Lord deliver me from the desire to be noticed and encouraged

Lord deliver me from the desire to be appreciated and included

Lord deliver me from me, Lord deliver me to You

d-liver me

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shhhhh...can you hear their voices?




Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mouths to feed, teeth to brush

Did everyone get their teeth brushed tonight?  There seem to be about 11 brushes.
More pictures from Uganda, Africa to follow.
I can't say it's a bad idea, bc mine's up on my sill half the time.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Better Off Dead

While driving through the country-side during my lunch break, I passed the following temporary banner on the side of the road, “Deer Management Archery Harvest.” Apparently, in order to manage the population of deer, these creatures get an arrow through the heart. Fine and even more dandy; I love me some deer-jerky. Out of curiosity, I researched the stipulations involved and upon the list was the word “mature.” A harvesting will take place of a mature crop.

These days, when I see the word harvest, I tend to think of the Heavenly sort, too. I love the word. It’s chalked full of goodness; divide, pluck, gather. It’s a romantic word, isn’t it?

When my soul (mind, will and emotions) became so plump with pain, suffering, indifference, abasement and shallow living, God sent timely spiritual arrows into my swollen heart and effectively harvested my soul. There was an intense shift as I indulged the act, a super-natural exchange of power. I was dead, He was alive. He might call it dying to SELF. I didn’t have a clue as to how deeply I was involved in self until He gave me a glimpse of Him. Wow! I can remember uttering the words in total dunce cap astonishment, “He took me out of myself.” Thank God my eyes were opened, my mind was blown and my heart was replaced with that of another. Hey, I liked my heart before, but pale, let me tell you, pale in comparison to His love.

Christ living through me is the most exciting thing that has and will ever happen to me. He is expanding me beyond flesh and bone. My soul, is indeed, better off dead.

 Here's to my very tasty friend and visual-aid, George.

Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life's Railway to Heaven

Memory Lane...there are few songs that reach so deep within, they touch the heritage of faith poured into me through my grandma, Geraldine Voyles.  She was a carrier of the true gospel passed down from generations past. But so alive in her, if you were in her presence, you may as well have glimpsed eternity.  It was that rich.  Her Spirit was like a time-machine.  Not one you stepped into, but one her heart encamped you with and tethered you straight back to 33 AD.  I long to be a generation that connected to the Cross.  Where 2000 years has nothing on you.'s a glorious thing and those in Him have it, praise be to the God of our inheritance! 

This song is one of those songs that allows me to recount the earthly legacy I've been given by the great cloud of witnesses that have gone before me and await my return alongside our Father.  Some of which not too long ago carried with them from a far off land the ripple of Calvary, that has landed on the shore of my heart.  

Be encouraged today...we're headed Home! Hebrews 10:24

Life is like a mountain railroad
With an engineer that's brave
We must make the run successful
From the cradle to the grave

Watch the curves, the hills, and tunnels
Never falter, never fail
Keep your hand upon the throttle
And your eyes upon the rail

Blessed Savior, Love will guide us
Till we reach that blissful shore
Where the angels wait to join us
In that great forevermore

p.s. I really like her red lipstick.

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