Saturday, July 24, 2010

piano e forte "soft and loud".....He whispers

So I was tooling around town with my li'l sis from Big Brothers, Big Sisters (plug:  do it!) yesterday and we decided to stop into the local mart of many good thrifts.  

But, before that, ALL morning I had wonderful memories traipsing through my head of piano this and that.   Stale memories, and a tickle of those to come, swung freely from consciousness in the cognitive outfield of my mind.  

Who can live without a piano?  The idea struck me in May on the way home from Memphis.  The excitement of a forgotten family piano nestled in a dusty over-sized nook was short-lived.  It took one phoner to kill that pipe-dream.  Ha!  Good luck there.  I did learn that my prized grandma played by ear, though.  So how cool is that?  Anyhoo, I knew I couldn't afford one, so I shelved the idea for a while. 

Then, on earth does someone stumble across this at the local thrift store, compliments of ol' lady Smith upgrading hers! 

My exposure to the piano is limited, besides my stint in grade school with the gifted and talented program (oh yes, I was!).  But it's going to take more than the daunting task of moving a 500lb musical pachyderm across the city to stop me.   

 I got myself a new instrument yesterday.  Sa-weet music to my elephant ears! 

Now my little man, Memphis, has more to howl at than my singing.
Mary Had a Little Lamb, anyone?  


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