Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm an Associate Producer...have your people call my God. :)

I am so, so, so excited about this movie being made.  And even happier that 4495 pulled together to make it happen.  I am one of them.  That makes me an Associate Producer of the film and boy am I proud to support it.  4495 is not a huge number in comparison to copies sold of the book, but last time I checked...God really knows His multiplication tables.  I luv that it took on such a creative, grassroots-style of financial support.  I can relate to the story of Donald Miller in Blue Like Jazz.  Many of us can.  It helps us exhale in a world that was not meant for us.  Well, you know what I mean.
UPDATE: from the writer, director and the two guys that started the fund-raising movement 
through social-media.
Thank you.
30 days ago, we started a movement. An effort to collectively tell a better story. An effort to give back. An effort that, for the first time in history, funded a movie with donations from thousands of people. We started out with a goal of $125,000. The minimum amount to continue production of the movie. Within 10 days, we reached that goal, and moved forward to make history. Kickstarter is the largest crowdfunding website. Save Blue Like Jazz is officially the largest crowd funded creative project in American history. The previous record was set at $200,641. We hope that someone will break the record again, and feel the way we feel today. We will gladly pass the torch.

What happens now?
4495 of you have said ‘Yes’ that you wanted this movie to be made. That process starts tomorrow. Wednesday October 27th, filming will begin in Nashville, TN. We shoot in Nashville for 4 weeks then head to Portland later this year.
 Moving Forward
This funding effort was unconventional. It was different. It wasn’t the way we were used to seeing things done. We want the promotion of this movie to be the same way. Tomorrow, the same day that we begin filming, we will launch a new website at That will be the source for all things Blue Like Jazz. Our promise is that during the production process, promotional process, the theatrical and DVD process… we keep you in the loop. This is your movie. Prepare to be updated.

We can’t thank you enough for the amazing support you have shown. You have given people jobs. You have given people hope for a better generation of story tellers. You have told us an amazing story, now we will work as hard as we can to tell you one just as amazing.

Thank you for giving over the last 30 days. Today, we will start giving back.

-Don, Jonathan, Steve and Zach
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