Saturday, September 3, 2011

the litmus from here on out

Today, I spent some time strolling through the book store looking...  Actually, I'm not sure what I was doing.  OH!  I was going to get inspired, bc if I don't do that, well.  Well, then I wilt!

I found a great "how to" on jewelry making.  That's my next project.  Spent many minutes pouring over how darn creative one can get with wire and some pliers and a rock tumbler.  
Me!  Yes, over here.  I'm in.  I'll do it.  
Did I mention I luv rocks?  I even know that we LIVE on a big giant rock?  
Pick me for this awesome jewelry making talent, God!!

So this is what else I found in the arts/crafties section:

I sat down for a while, just me and that wreck of a journal.
It's a bossy little thing, that book.

  It's mostly intended for people that realize they might be leaning a bit too far in the perfectionist camp and need a way out.  FAST!  
But I also think it's for people that just wanna have fun, oh girls just wanna have.
Come to think of it, that video is a perfect illustration.  Wait, right there!  Please. (eyelashes bat)

fun likeTHIS

A few things about this awes video!
a) wouldn't it be great to be the kid on that Corn Flake box 
(is it punky brews ya'll??), 
bc NOW you're in a Cyndi video.  BAM!
b) I want to be Cyndi in that dance intro/skip scene.  
She is the cutest pipsy of a girl, dontcha think?

Ok, so about that book. 
Isn't it great when you are reminded of exactly who God created you to be?
Well that's what happened.  There are all sorts of zany exercises in this book that are created to loosen even the tightest of behinds up.  
Like this:

And that's when it hit me.  THAT's what I'm looking for.  
A man that could get into that!
A man that can lead with pizazz.  
  One in touch with his MANNESS and not the meow of his ego.  
(sorry guys if we've ever caused you to feel defeated, but dust those britches off!)
I know you're out there.  Maybe there's even more than one of ya.  
You know how I know?  
Because God created me! 

So here's my new thing.  

Dear Boys, 
(that's with a cap B bc you deserve respect)
If you want to court this luvly, you'll have to pass the litmus test of this journal 
or you just might not get a second date.  
If I hand it to you and you stick it in a drawer, you're out!
If I hand it to you and you get all googly-eyed and are like 
this is the neatest invention since fresh cow's milk,
I'll be all like...when do we start the adventure!!  

Cuz a little "wild swinging" never hurt nobody.


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