Monday, August 20, 2012

Smile Factory

I needed a smile today and it came in the most unexpected way.  This guy here.

CONFESSION:  I was hurrying toward the exit at the local wholesale, when I saw the greeter positioned at the door.  The greeter is in charge of looking over your receipt and counting your purchases to ensure you have not added items to your cart after you've paid.  It's a measure of security, since Sam's Club saves its customers money by not bagging anything.  But it isn't a time saver.

So the thought of waiting in another line at the exit door, after you've already waited in line at the register, can really be taxing on the mind. It's an exercise in making sure my mind isn't going down the gutter with thoughts that don't edify God's creation.  I'm constantly battling this.   

Even though it was only going to take but a few seconds, my thoughts started to tilt to this man being an inconvenience.  Why does this guy have to be here when I'm running behind.   Luckily, I caught the conviction and tiltttttted my mind back.  Get back in line, Delissa's brain!  You Oger, you!  And just like that, my world and thought-life were open and expansive and free again.

"Howdy, did you find everything ok, ma'am?"

"Yes, I did!"

"Good, that makes Mr. Sam happy and me employed!"


This guy is funny and he is my new hero.

Mr. Greeter didn't treat me like just any other human being with a cart in a supermarket.  His words were delivered sincerely, as if he cared about my shopping experience.  You know why?  Because he did!  Just think if I would have robbed him the chance to give himself away by closing myself off to the voice of the Spirit.  This time I heard the whisper, slowed down and I got myself a smile!

I wasn't really in that big of a hurry anyway, yet I convinced myself I was.  Why?  Because the underlying pernicious lie is that humans don't have value.  That my precious seconds of possible productivity are more important than the flesh and blood standing in front of me.  As if I could be creating something better than a human being if I were more efficient.  THAT cracks me up.  There's a reason I refer to myself as an idiot.  :)

I smiled all the way back to my car.  Geez, this guy's a human, not a robot!  He's here trying to provide for his family and I was busy devaluing his efforts.  BARF  And furthermore, he's the reason I'm smiling now.  I wanted to repay this kind and funny gent and the whisper of the Spirit came again.  He'd feel special if you took his picture.  Nothing like having your picture made, so I whipped the car around and ran back in to take his photo.

"Mr. Can I take your picture?  I want to write a little story about how nice you are."

"Why sure.  Go on ahead!'

And just like that...we had ourselves a smile factory.
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