Friday, September 28, 2012

Isn't She Delicious!

I don't even think it's really possible to be "burned by the church" nor do I think we need to be so concerned with her Reputation. 

Why? When I start entertaining these thoughts, it points me back to one thing...I am really only concerned about MY reputation. My reputation points back to the prison of self, not to the ever-increasing freedom of Spirit.

With these thoughts in mind, I click and listen. :)

The Church is my celestial family. She is profoundly beautiful. The Church is the most glorious thing I have ever laid my eyes upon. If it were up to people to have transformed my inner-being, I would have never made it through the curtain to what awaited me there.

PS I also believe it's a possibility the wounding of a heart could very well be a call to stay put in the very place it was pierced. Why leave when you've been given a unique gift to place at others' feet? The key is to listen for your instruction.

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